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qantas excess baggage

Qantas Excess Baggage

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Excess Baggage - Luggage or Personal Effects EXCESS BAGGAGE - Luggage or Personal Effects

Larger Goods - Freight & Items Over 30kg LARGER GOODS - Freight & Items Over 30kg

Unpacked Goods - or Fragile / Valuable Items UNPACKED GOODS - or Fragile / Valuable Items

Qantas is Australia’s largest domestic and international airline. Founded almost 100 years ago in Queensland, it is today regarded as one of the world’s best long-distance airlines. Qantas operates flights throughout Australia and all around the world, incorporating a number of destinations in Africa, America, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, New Zealand and the South Pacific. The company also incorporates one of Australia’s most popular budget airlines, Jetstar, which also operates domestic and international flights.

As a company, Qantas prides itself on its safety, reliability, engineering and customer service. The aircraft in its fleet offer Economy, Premium Economy, Business and First Class travel, with a range of in-flight entertainment and services available. Qantas also operates a Frequent Flyer program, which rewards customer loyalty with points that can be redeemed for flights, upgrades and other rewards.

Qantas’ checked baggage allowance varies depending on your travel class, destination and type of flight. However, the general allowance is between 30 and 94kg for international flights, and between 23 and 64kg for domestic flights, with no single item exceeding 32kg. Excess baggage charges apply for any additional baggage (between $70 and $175 per extra piece) or any items found to be overweight (between $20 and $80 per extra kilogram). A ‘Heavy Charge’ is also applicable for items over your specified weight limit.  Heavy charges range from $50 to $80 for each piece over 23kgs.

Qantas offers the option of purchasing an Additional Baggage Allowance prior to your flight, either online (slightly cheaper) or at the airport. This allowance may be purchased on a piece basis for domestic flights and flights to and from the Americas, with a maximum of five additional pieces able to be purchased in advance. For all other international flights, the Additional Baggage Allowance can be purchased in extra weight increments of 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 25kg and 35kg per flights.

Airport excess baggage is $90 per extra piece for domestic flights and $200 per piece for flights between Australia and the Americas. For other international flights, prices range between $100 and $400 for each 5kg extra.

As you can probably tell, excess baggage has the potential to get expensive pretty quickly when you’re flying with Qantas. But purchasing pre-paid additional baggage allowances or coughing up extra money at the check-in desk aren’t the only ways to get your excess goods home safely.

An air cargo service, such as the one offered by PACK & SEND, is another option for international travellers who want to ship home any excess goods they’ve accumulated during their journey. This option is both reliable and economical, offering customers a set price based on the actual size and weight of your items.

As well as being more transparent and often cheaper when it comes to pricing, the air cargo option also promises peace of mind when it comes to the safety and security of your items. You’re guaranteed personalised, high levels of service and no surprise ancillary charges when your excess baggage arrives at its destination.  

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