Choose to Send Your Excess Baggage via Air Freight or Sea Freight

PACK & SEND offers both air freight and sea freight services for personal effects and excess baggage. Your choice of service will depend on your budget and how quickly you need your goods delivered to your destination. Don't assume that sea shipping is always the cheapest price. If you have just one or two boxes, you may find that shipping via air cargo is the most economical solution.

Air Freight

PACK & SEND offers a very economical personal effects express air service. Why pay exorbitant commercial airline fees when you can conveniently send your personal effects with PACK & SEND?

Our air delivery services include processing, transit, customs clearance (excluding any government charges and taxes) and delivery to the door. Tracking and signed delivery is also provided for added security and peace of mind.

Sea Freight

When time is not the issue, sea shipping can be the most cost-effective method to send your personal effects and excess baggage overseas. Your goods will travel in a secure, sealed shipping container.

It's your choice whether you wish to book a sea shipment for 'delivery to the door' or 'delivery to the port/depot'. The key benefits and differences between these different delivery services are explained below.

Delivery to the Door

  • You can arrange for us to collect the shipment from your door or you can drop off at your nearest Service Centre.
  • PACK & SEND offers a 'box rate price' to key destinations for sea delivery to the door. Our competitive prices include all standard clearance and delivery charges. This means you will have complete certainty of your excess baggage costs.
  • It is a 'delivery to the door service', which means:

    • You don't have the inconvenience and cost of travelling to the destination port or warehouse depot to collect your goods;
    • You don't have to pay destination/port charges upon arrival of your shipment at the destination port;
    • You don't have to arrange and pay for the customs clearance of your shipment.
  • Check regularly on the home page of our website in the Today's Top Deals section for our special 'box rate to the door deals'. From time to time, we offer hot price deals to key destinations.
  • PACK & SEND keeps you regularly updated with the sailing details, arrival and delivery date of your shipment.
  • As with all international freight shipments, our price excludes customs duties, taxes and government charges that may be applicable (if any) to your goods in accordance with local regulations.

Delivery to the Port/Depot

This service means your goods are shipped by sea to the closest port to you. It is then up to you to arrange customs clearance and collection of your goods.

It is important to note that with this service you will incur additional handling, port and clearance charges at the destination. These destination charges are payable to the local delivery agent before your cargo can be released. Destination charges are different in ports all over the world due to local conditions and port regulations so PACK & SEND cannot provide a reliable estimate of what these extra charges will be.

You should consider these extra destination charges when weighing up whether to book a 'delivery to the port' service. However, if you're familiar with the 'delivery to the port' shipping process, then this can be a solution that meets your needs.

Get More Information

Contact your local PACK & SEND service centre so we can help advise you on the best solution for your needs. Call us on 1300 668 000, send an online enquiry or visit your nearest service centre and discuss your shipment with one of our knowledgeable team.


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