Coordinate Your Excess Baggage Removals for Overseas Moves & Travel

Whether travelling, studying or visiting on business, it is easy to pick up additional goods. PACK & SEND makes it just as easy to get your new belongings home. Commercial airlines may charge higher prices for your excess baggage and have additional requirements, making your travel plans more difficult than necessary. We offer simple and customisable solutions to sending home your additional purchases, documents and belongings.

Service Tailored to Your Travel

PACK & SEND allows flexibility to deliver your belongings according to your requirements and travel plans. For example, you may have excess baggage to send home but are continuing your international travels. PACK & SEND can arrange door to door delivery, picking up your belongings and delivering to your home or other address while you continue to your next destination.

Fragile, Awkward or Large Goods

PACK & SEND can provide a solution for any sized item and our professional team are experts in handling fragile goods including artworks, antiques and electronics. Have your goods carefully packed by an expert at one of our Service Centres. You can also purchase the packing materials to package the items yourself. We are always available to provide helpful advice on the best technique to pack your goods so they are protected during transit.

Get Your Belongings Home

We can advise on the best packing and transport for your personal goods and offer a solution based on your timeframes and cost. Speak with PACK & SEND on 1300 668 000, send an online enquiry or visit one of our conveniently located retail service centres.


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